Workshop and Concert with the award winning, dynamic, soul-stirring Giwayen Mata ensemble!

Dr. Gladys M. Francis is directing a set of events with the breathtaking Giwayen Mata ensemble. The public will have a unique opportunity to experience hands-on, the richness of African rhythms and movements through a dynamic and exciting workshop with Giwayen Mata (September 12 at 1:30pm). Then, the audience will witness decades of Giwayen Mata’s… more »

MCL German majors receive paid internships to Germany this summer from the American Chamber of Commerce

Posted On July 25, 2014
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Congratulations to Loren Tamas, Tu Tran and Norman Arroyo (not pictured) who received paid internships in Germany this summer from the American Chamber of Commerce. The US-German Internship Program offers American students the opportunity to become acquainted with German culture through daily business interaction with their host companies and allows students to gain insight into… more »

August in MCL

Posted On July 6, 2014
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The Chair’s Blog will begin in August and will be updated monthly with information about events, activities, and initiatives under way in MCL and how they tie in with the mission and vision of the department.

Presentation by Dr. Kathleen Hardesty-Doig

Posted On June 24, 2014
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A P E M 2014 ATELIER PANCKOUCKE ENCYCLOPEDIE METHODIQUE organisé par Martine GROULT, Luigi DELIA et l’équipe de l’UQAM menée par Josiane AYOUB avec la collaboration d’ARTFL (R. MORRISSEY)

SEANCES de l’année 2014 Centre Jean Pépin – Salle de la Rotonde 14h – 18h

 le 20 juin 2014  Kathleen HARDESTY-DOIG (Georgia State… more »

Online tutoring is now available in French and Spanish from the LARC! via @gsumcl 4 days ago